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NOTE TO READERS: I’ll still be adding older posts as well as a few newer posts to complete the full compilation. I’ll also be updating various elements on this site from time to time. Apologies for any weirdness you may see.

While I’ve been in the mobile messaging space for over 20 years now, I’ve only been posting blogs articles since 2007. During that time, I’ve been fortunate enough to work for a single entity that is now Sinch. Since my posts have been on Sybase, SAP, and now Sinch platforms, as well as several other third-party outlets, a lot of historical work tends to get lost.

I’ve created this site to provide a single location for all of my published pieces — including some of the older pieces (prior to 2011) that are no longer online. When possible, I’ll also include links to the original or current locations, but the entire postings will also be here. I should note that, in many cases, some of the older posts may have outdated or broken links or links to other blog postings in their original locations.

Going forward, I’ll continue to cross-post here when content is posted on my current employer, Sinch. In some cases, new content will be exclusive to this site.

Feel free to explore and and please subscribe for notifications as to when new content is published.

Recent Content

The fight on phishing – why it’s time to use multi-factor authentication

Ransomware and cyberattacks increased in 2020, and continue to increase in 2021. Almost every day, we read news stories about some company or organization falling victim to cyberattacks. The May 7th Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack disrupted pipeline operations and fuel supplies to much of the U.S. East Coast for several days. The attack resulted in fuel shortages and higher prices for consumers. Fuel prices in some regions, as of this writing, still have not recovered to their pre-attack levels. 

The Colonial Pipeline attack was traced to a leaked password that had access to a VPN, which was used to access the company’s servers per a Bloomberg report. Without multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled, it was easy for the bad guys to gain access – even with an old account that was no longer in use! 

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Podcast on GBU Innovation

Recently, I sat down with Pat Flynn and recorded an GBU Innovation podcast with him. This was posted on May 31, 2021 on the GBU Innovation site. We had a great conversation which covers much of my work in the early days of SMS messaging in the North American market and even back to the…

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Why RCS isn’t going anywhere (and you should get onboard)

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve all seen the headlines predicting the demise of SMS messaging. 

Yet, here we are in May 2021, and SMS is still a powerhouse messaging channel. In many markets, SMS is still the leading Person-to-Person messaging channel. And throughout the world, it remains one of the, if not the, most popular business messaging channels.  We’re now seeing RCS starting to face similar headlines.

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10DLC: the new messaging revolution in the U.S.

If you have a business, brand, or enterprise, large or small, you’ve probably considered using (or have already used) SMS to reach your customers, partners, or employees. Text messaging has been one of the most utilized communications media ever in terms of reach. The ability to send business text messages using long codes or “regular phone numbers” (e.g., 10DLCs) opens this media up for many, many more businesses and is becoming a new messaging revolution in the United States. 

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2021 Mobile Industry Predictions

It is once again time for my annual (14th consecutive to be specific) predictions for the mobile industry.  When I wrote last year’s predictions, I (and really no one) could have foreseen the momentous events that 2020 brought the world.  From the global COVID-19 pandemic to the significant Black Lives Matter protests, and actions, climate-related events, to the US presidential election, its aftermath and more.  All have impacted the wireless / mobile industry, but in many ways, the mobile industry has responded well to the pandemic, which has been the overriding issue for the planet in 2020.

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5G SMS is Very Real and Here to Stay

The 3GPP 5G standards absolutely support SMS!

5G, the next wireless data standard is actively being deployed around the world. 5G will promise greater data speeds, more capacity, and a better wireless experience for all. But will it affect the messaging sector?  I’ve read and heard (during presentations, events [back when we could attend trade shows]) that the “messaging standard for 5G is RCS,” and that “SMS won’t exist in 5G.”  Well, I’m happy to say that these statements are blatantly untrue.

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